• Test Higher was launched with an aim to create next generation education solutions to maximize its reach and quality.
  • Based on our extensive research and development in the last few years, we have developed a suite of Education related solutions to enhance and improve the current education system.
  • These products put Test Higher as a pioneer in creating the future of digital education.
  • iCompete is the most comprehensive cloud based education platform.
  • It provides test preparation and content from the most popular and renowned publishers, coaching institutes and other content providers across the world.
  • Huge question bank in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Aptitude, Reasoning and all other subjects and topics with Hints and Solutions facilitating focussed and continuous practice.
  • The platform covers everything from
    1. Educational content,
    1. Test preparation,
    1. Mock tests,
    1. Taking notes and creating unlimited revision lists,
    1. Facilitating focused study based on detailed performance analysis on a real time basis.
  • Each chapter has been divided into individual group of subjects, topics & sub-topics and all are tested through adaptive assessments. Supplemented with instant reports and detailed feedback, you can start working on your weak areas instantly.
  • The iCompete app, supported on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms, is comprehensive, intuitive and extremely user friendly.


Education, these days, has become a never-ending hunt for the best career opportunities. We spend too much of time and expense to find and to be on the right path. iCompete makes your education easier.

iCompete is a worldwide provider of online practice exams, modeled to assist you to come out with flying colours in all the competitive examinations, by presenting a dedicated approach towards them. It is a vast platform for users to join in exploring opportunities in achieving success. It gives its best test strategies and shows how to put them into action. The preparation tests give you the power to unchain higher scores, quickly and effectively. This is guaranteed because the platform endows with a wide range of high quality content provided by the leading educational institutions in India.